Posters on Mythological objects

Brief and process: This module involved abstraction of mythological objects to create simplified forms. Only using black and white brings focus to the form of the element reduced to its bare minimum. This was followed by making posters for the same using relevant quotes.

Baba Yaga's House

According to Russian folklore, Baba Yaga, an old witch lives deep in thick  forests, preying on travelers. When someone who’s lost in the woods stumbles upon her eerie hut with chicken legs, he or she knocks on the door to seek help, but often ends up in the witch’s oven as her next meal.

Hand of Glory

Belonging to the English mythology, it is a dried, pickled hand of a felon who had been hanged alive. The Hand has various versions and stories to it from diffferent times. One Hand of Glory is still on display in the Whitby museum, England since 1935.  In one particular version, fingers themselves were dipped in wax and used as candle wicks. It has magical properties of giving light only to the holder whilst others are left in darkness.